100 Hispanic Women National 27th Annual Gala

October 15, 2024  |  6:00 PM - 11:00 PM

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming 100 Hispanic Women Annual Gala! This event celebrates the achievements and contributions of Hispanic women in various fields and supports our Latina scholars in their pursuit of college education. Join us for an inspiring evening filled with networking, recognition, and empowerment.

Spotlighting the

Mind, Body, and Spirit Conference 2024

by 100 Hispanic Women

Step into the heart of our Mind, Body, and Spirit Conference this year through these enchanting snapshots! Each picture weaves a tale of empowerment, togetherness, and the vibrant energy that fueled our unforgettable event. From shared laughter to profound moments of insight, our conference highlights capture the essence of a transformative experience where minds, bodies, and spirits unite. Join us in celebrating the journey toward personal growth, community empowerment, and the limitless possibilities ahead. Gratitude to all who played a part in bringing this enriching event to life.

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Our vision is to inspire Latinas and maximize their strengths and potential to become equal partners in an empowered world of equal justice, recognition, respect, and dignity #100HispanicWomen.

In 1995, 14 Latina professionals, community, and business leaders founded the 100 Hispanic Women National, Inc. (100HW). They envisioned a non-profit organization dedicated to guiding Latinas towards excellence in leadership by fostering educational enrichment and creating opportunities to promote our personal and professional advancement.


100 Hispanic Women National includes five programs:  The Bronx, Long Island, New Jersey, Rockland County and Westchester County.

We are dedicated to empowering and supporting Latinas on their path to college education. We are committed to ensuring that deserving Latinas have access to the resources and opportunities they need to thrive academically. Through mentorship programs, workshops, and networking events, we aim to provide guidance, encouragement, and valuable connections to help Latinas navigate the college application process and secure scholarships.


We believe that education is a powerful tool for empowerment and social change, and we are proud to be a part of the journey that enables Latinas to reach their full potential. Together, we are building a brighter future for our community.



Empowering Latina Leaders: Building a Stronger Tomorrow

  • 1 Shirley Rodriguez Remeneski Scholarship
  • 2 Young Latina Leadership Institute
  • 3 100HW Graduate Fellowship Program
  • 4 Milagros Baez O' Toole Young Latina Task Force
  • 5 100 Hispanic Women Internship

100 Hispanic Women

2022-2023 Scholarship Recipients

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There are abundant opportunities for Latinas in college to thrive and succeed on their academic journey. Colleges and universities across the country offer a multitude of resources, scholarships, and support systems specifically tailored to empower Latina students. From mentorship programs and cultural organizations to academic scholarships and research opportunities, the higher education landscape is dedicated to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment where Latinas can flourish. These opportunities provide a platform for Latinas to engage in leadership roles, cultivate their passions, and make a meaningful impact within their communities.

DBA Scholarship Application
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100 Hispanic Women x MET Opera

Exciting news: we’ve teamed up with the MET Opera for an unforgettable experience! Our members enjoy an exclusive discount with code FLORENCIA15. Immerse yourself in the magic of opera, a gift from us to you.


Sung in Spanish and inspired by the magical realism of Gabriel García Márquez, Mexican composer Daniel Catán’s 1996 opera tells the enchanting story of an opera diva who returns to her native South America to perform at the legendary opera house of Manaus—and to search for her lost lover, who has vanished into the jungle.




  • 1 Annual Anniversary Gala
  • 2 Annual Mind, Body, and Spirit Conference
  • 3 Scholarship Awards Ceremony
  • 4 NEW!!!!! #UnstoppableLatinas Leadership Summit, NYC


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