Hilda Jara

Social Media Chair, 100HW National Board of Directors

Meet Hilda Jara, a seasoned senior graphic designer with a wealth of experience in marketing and design, currently making her mark at an esteemed international construction management firm. With over five years of industry expertise, Hilda holds a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from CUNY, New York City College of Technology in Brooklyn.

As a first-generation American from Ecuador, Hilda embodies a deep-rooted passion for immigrant rights and fervently advocates for Latin American representation in media. Fluent in Spanish, she brings cultural richness and diversity to her work.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Hilda finds solace and inspiration in the world of art, particularly through painting and communing with nature. Sharing her vibrant life in Jackson Heights, Queens, she resides with her two beloved beagles, Howl Shaolin The Great and Harley Quinn Davidson.

In her role as a board member & social media chair, Hilda ensures that our organization shines brightly, portraying our dedication and hard work in the most positive light possible. With a heart full of creativity and a spirit dedicated to advocacy, Hilda is a force to be reckoned with in her professional and personal endeavors.